Wednesday, October 20, 2010

its been a while

Its been a while since i last wrote a lot has been going on in life,Kayla has been really sick didn't think she was going to pull through this but she did she is a fighter and that makes me love her even more she was on iv's in july-beginning of aug She started 6th grade on aug 28 and made it for the first week then she got sick:( she has been on iv's since sept 7th the doc added a new iv on sept 28th and that when she took a turn for the worse she was spiking high fevers and coughing blood.The doc put her in the IMC at hershey medical center when she got there she needed 10 liters of oxygen but every day she got better she had only spent a week in the imc now we are home and waiting for our trip to pittsburgh childrens hospital for a double lung transplant evaluation. The boys are doing great getting big and have been troopers through all of this, since i've been focused on kayla and i feel bad that i don't spend alot of time with them right now.

This year has been really tight since i can't babysit right now so that extra income is gone so christmas is looking very bad for the kids:(((( and my husband makes to much to get any help. on a onther note my brother is a father not only was my nephew born on my brothers birthday(Aug 9th) that was the day my dad died 17 years ago so i feel greatful for xander it was nice to see a new life born on such a sad day its like my dad came back into our lives all over again
I LOVE YOU XANDER VEGAS TATRO! u are a joy to have in my life jerry you are an amazing father you stepped up when tara was sick but now she is better and is a part of his life again.

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