Friday, November 13, 2009

So far a good morning! kids have off of school ugh i love my alone time, how do you get a 6 year old to stop tattling? he is in first grade and his teacher had a baby 2 weeks ago and a sub is taking over until she comes back and the sub has this thing called the tattling turtle and ever since that he tattles on his brothers and most of the time is about nothing I SO HATE TATTLING! . WOW Ethan is getting big he now weighs 67lbs that is a nice size for a child with CF. Some one said that CF is a blessing what? a blessing I know that its not to our family I don't wish CF on anyone and that a person with CF isn't limited? yes they can do what a normal person can do but they aren't normal i know i don't have to do vest for 30minutes 4 times a day and breathing treatments and take a pill everytime i eat and other meds just to stay healthy so how can't that be limited? i just want my kids to be normal and just be able to take a vacation and not have to go back to the motel for treatments or have to take the hole house so they get everything they need to stay healthy. I just don't know what people think,Its hard as a mother not knowing when your child is going to die but knowing that a child with CF can die earlier then a healthy child but i'm not saying that i would change my life God gave me 5 kids I'm very happy for that and he gave me 3 extra special kids I still don"t know why I'm not a strong person i get so upset and worried about everything and I'm a big cry baby.

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