Monday, November 23, 2009

UGH!!!!! why when you show a hair cutter a picture they always mess it up I should know better then just get it cut all one lenght now it so short i look like a boy and its all chop not jut even I HATE IT!!!!!!!! I know it will grow back back but when? Every time I look in the mirror I want to cry I miss my shoulder lenght hair.
Kayla is going back to school after being home since October 19.She don't want to go back and I don't want to go outside but life goes on and w have to do things we don't like or know better and should go with my gut. Kayla so far has raised $40.00 for her May 1st walk wish it was more but with the holidays no oe wants to give her a $1.00. we are selling subs but won't know the total until all sub papers are in which will be soon I'm hoping she can reach her goal she has been doing wonderful on treatments and putting on weight.time to get kids to school

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